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Completed the Italian ACI Karting Championship that in Castelletto has awarded the last titles in KZ2, KZ3 and Rotax Trophy, have given the team only a fourth place (KZ2) a second place (KZ3 junior), a third (KZ3 over)
In the sixth round of the ACI Karting Italian Championship in Val Vibrata, a series of surprises characterized this event, which was partly influenced by bad weather. Great competitiveness also in Iame X30 and KZ3.
New names at the top of KZ2 with the winning return of Celenta and the positive debut of Cunati with the new Modena Kart team. In the Mini win Irfan and Antonelli, in the OKJ Zanfari and Pino, in the Rok Junior Morgatto and Cecchi, in the Rok Senior Delli Guanti and Gaglianò, in the Rotax doubles of Vuano in the Senior and Galvanin in the Junior.
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