The fog of Zuera leaves no room for the great spectacle of the Copa de Campeones. After delaying the program several times, the Spanish event was suspended and decided with the ranking of the first run.
The 48th Trofeo delle Industrie on 3 November held at the South Garda Karting represented the last major race of the season for Modena Kart
For Modena Kart and Cunati it was another good example of competitiveness in the most prestigious FIA Karting event
A triumph for Simone Cunati and the Modena Kart team, on CRG TM and the technical assistance of Galiffa Engines, Italian champions
Great redemption of Modena Kart on the Adria Karting Raceway circuit for the fourth round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship
A series of drawbacks, some even difficult to interpret, did not allow the two riders of the Modena Kart team, Simone Cunati and Luigi Di Lorenzo, to enter Sarno.
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