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Modena Kart protagonist at La Conca in the Italian ACI Karting Championship

Modena Kart protagonist at La Conca in the Italian ACI Karting Championship

A busy weekend for all the drivers, engaged in the OKN-Senior categories with Francesco Marenghi and Bati Ege Yildrim, in OKN-Junior with Ayse Cebi and Ayour Achgare, in KZ2 with Filippo Nuccioni, Filippo Villani and Maksim Orlov.

OKN – Senior: Double win and Championship leadership for Modena Kart!
After being among the first teams to believe in the OKN project, Modena Kart also achieved its historic first victory in the category. A practically perfect weekend for both riders, starting from the Turkish Bati Ege Yildrim eighth in qualifying and fifth on the starting grid of the final with an eighth and a fifth place during the category heats. In the first race on Sunday, Yildrim had finished in third position and with the fastest lap of the race. A penalty at the end of the race then brought the Turkish driver back to sixth position. Result that he didn't knock down the Modena Kart face, but rather charged it for a Race 2 with a knife between his teeth, reassembled two positions and first victory with Modena Kart in the Italian Championship.
Similar and equally competitive weekend for Francesco

Marenghi, good at recovering during the heat with a fourth and a second place, valid for the fourth starting position. In the first race of the weekend, second place was obtained by the Italian, in comeback and with great intelligence. Result repeated in Race 2, closed again in second position and with five positions recovered, giving the one-two to Modena Kart. With these results Marenghi leads the overall standings with 101 points, Yildrim climbs into the top five.

OKN-Junior: Podium for Giusto placements and great comebacks for Achgare, Ayse
Also in OKN Junior the Italian team did well with the three standard bearers on the track. Not easy qualifying sessions, also considering the weather, but in any case useful in the projection of the preliminary heats. Excellent progression by Giacomo Giusto, rookie in the category with a P11 and a P6, valid for starting in eighth place overall. Tussle and unfortunate contacts for Ayour Achgare, returning from a contact caused by an opponent in the first heat and Cebi Ayse, in any case clearly growing on an unprecedented track. Different story during Race 1 where Giacomo Giusto exalted his skills and feeling with the kart, finishing with a good fifth position. Tenth Achgare author of ten positions reassembled, eighteenth Ayse with eight other positions regained. In Race 2 another recovery and a splendid podium for Giacomo Giusto, who also set the fastest lap of the race. Exponential growth for Italian-Indian. The same goes for Ayour Achgare fifth on arrival and another five positions recovered, Cebi Ayse tenth (eight positions recovered) under the checkered flag.

KZ2 – Orlov protagonist, recoveries for Villani and Nuccioni
Even in the premier class, the Modena Kart boys brought home a good weekend starting from Maksim Orlov. Complicated qualifying for him too due to the prohibitive conditions of the circuit. Starting position that did not slow down Orlov's race, able to recover both in the first and second heats with an eighth and sixth place, useful starting from the seventh box for Race 1. In the first race on Sunday in La Conca, Orlov redeemed his weekend moving to sixth overall position and third in the U18 standings. Even better result in Race 2 with a fourth place overall and the fight for the podium one step away. Victory and top step in the U18 standings.

Two races useful for increasing their experience for both Filippo Nuccioni and Filippo Villani. Nineteenth and twenty-first place for Nuccioni after the great battle in the center of the group, an unfortunate retirement and a twenty-seventh place for Villani. In any case, both have shown good steps forward and a great feeling with the team.

Modena Kart would like to thank all its staff, the drivers, Galiffa Engines for KZ2, Simone Catenacci for OKNS engines and STM for OKNJ engines. Special thanks to all partners, sponsors and Parolin.

Next appointment on the weekend on the Sarno circuit for the WSK Open Series round.

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